What differentiates you from other students looking for work experience isn't your awesome CV or your exam results or your keen interest in writing or your enthusiasm. It's the effort you put into targeting your approach.

If you're reading this because we've emailed you the link to this page, after you've sent an email that opens with, "To whom it may concern" then the chances are that you're not going to get very far. If you can't be bothered to get to know us, why should we get to know you?

if you're reading this because you found the page by yourself then well done, you're half way there.

Like many modern businesses, Genius Media operates entirely online. Books are created electronically and are only printed at the point of distribution, because storage space is the most expensive part of the supply chain. Marketing is almost exclusively online, apart from the occasional author event or launch party. Therefore, if you want to get some experience in the publishing industry, there are two areas where you can get involved.

First, online marketing is the connection between author and reader and, surprisingly, that is a two way communication. There's a huge amount of work to be done here which you can help with.

Second, book production isn't something we're doing every day, but when we are actively working on a new title, you can help with proof reading, editing, design ideas and so on.

If that sounds good to you, send your CV over. See the contact page for details.

Another good place to look for jobs is the IPG's jobs page which features vacancies across the publishing industry.