Neil Cary has more than 20 years experience in the market research industry. 

Online Research Services:

Neil is passionate about the application of online research, and how online & digital research offers new opportunities for organisations to increase their understanding of markets and customers. He believes that the advantages of online research should be available to small and medium size organisations as well as corporates.

Over the last few years Neil has introduced several services which offer the possibility of affordable, reliable and effective online research. 

Online Survey Tool & Survey Programming Services:

Neil founded to provide a simple means to create online surveys and reach millions of consumers around the world. The tool is designed to be friendly and accessible for marketeers, advertising and PR professionals, while delivering surveys that market researchers would be familiar with. Surveygoo also offers a full range of Survey Programming and Data Analysis services.

Questionnaire Design

Survey Programming

Panel Samples

Data Analysis and Reporting

Market Research in Asia:

My other passion is Asia. I have enjoyed travelling, meeting people and conducting market research in south east Asia over many years. I founded Asia Opinions to provide research services to UK organisations looking to explore the huge market opportunity across the region, using principally online surveys and online research panels. Opini is our network of consumer panels although we work closely with panel partners.

Market Research Consultancy for PR and Advertising Professionals:

I work closely with Public Relations & Advertising agencies to achieve key objectives, including messaging, polls, news generation, audience segmentation, & ad testing.


Online surveys

Online polls

Consumer insight

Online Survey tools

Online research panels

Advertising testing

Customer surveys

Product testing

Market Opportunity assessment

Branding research

Communications & Messaging

Market research consultancy