Stephen Kirk is a media and marketing expert, chairman of various media businesses and pioneer in the world of interactive entertainment.

Stephen Kirk has one of the first Computer Science Degrees and has seen the emergence of computer technology from its inception.

Beginning his working career as a Systems Analyst and Computer Programmer, he soon realised he was not cut out for a ‘normal’ career and chucked it all in to become a meditation teacher only to be struck with a sudden urge to go into business.

At the end of the meditation course, he somehow landed a prestigious European sales role, before branching out and forming Cable London plc which successfully bid for the franchises for five London Boroughs and pioneered interactive capability.

Simultaneously, he founded Broadsystem, which specialised in interactive services for media companies.

Following the sale of Broadsystem to News Corporation, Stephen worked for News for ten years before being diagnosed with and cured of colon cancer in 2000.

Since then, he has undertaken a variety of Non-Executive roles, including being on the Boards of Shine Television and The Ink Factory.

He is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Executive Coach, amateur Blues guitarist, and a genuinely funny guy.

He and his wife Luiza live in Central London but spend many months travelling abroad looking for Paradise. Perhaps one day they’ll find it!