Today's executive job market is fiercely competitive, and executives must market their value to organizations using a diverse range of channels and tactics.

Landing an Executive Position by Beverly HarveyIn this book, executive career expert Beverly Harvey gives you a simple, proven, step-by-step approach to:

⊳ Recognize why the job search strategy you used five years ago doesn't work in today’s market

⊳ Create a job search strategy based on your unique aspirations

⊳ Identify your personal brand and value proposition

⊳ Launch an effective job search campaign

⊳ Understand and pursue the hidden job market

⊳ Design a strategy to leverage your network

⊳ Build an online presence that attracts the right recruiters and decision makers

⊳ Prepare responses to tough interview questions

⊳ Plan for persuasive compensation negotiations

⊳ Get off to a roaring start in your new position

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Beverly Harvey is a recognized leader in executive career management. She has contributed to 23 executive career books, has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, and regularly presents corporate workshops for C-level executives.